Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dylan Sparkplug

photo taken by Gambrielle Gamboa

Dylan Williams, the publisher behind Sparkplug Comics, passed away on September 10th, 2011. I was lucky enough to get to know him a little bit, he co-taught a comic's class with Lisa Mangum that I was a part of at the Independent Publishing Resource Center out here in pretty Portland, Oregon. The basic premise of the class was we would focus on comics from different parts of the world each week, and work on and talk about our own personal projects as well. It was a really great experience, Dylan and Lisa would bring in stacks upon stacks of books every week that we would ogle at and be overwhelmed by. It was really an eye-opener for me. Both Dylan and Lisa were so encouraging, smart, and loving. I generally sat back and listened to what everyone had to say and just had a really good time.

There have been lots of loving tributes to the Dylan, most are collected at the Comics Reporter website. They also did a great retrospective of his work there as well.

Reporter was Dylan's most recent comics work, y'all should check it.

Please take a moment and consider buying some books from Sparkplug, they could definitely use the support right now.

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  1., here's Zak Sally's remembrance.


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