Saturday, April 30, 2011

Desert Ewok

Below is what used to hang on my bedroom door, a portrait of Wicket done by my older brother.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ain't no Doubletree

Stumptown load. here's the links to the good stuff:
Bound and Gagged, and Doppelganger by Tom Neely
Jackpot! Fast Luck Specials, Snake Meat 1 & 2, CIG Tricks, Deep Seed, Electric Cornbread, and The Cumplete Warlok Vol. 2 by Max Clotfelter
Mumbles One & Too, and Seleone by Cameron Hawkeye
29 minicomic by Jamie (shes got an email, but I'm afraid to just slap it on here)
Fireflies, The Monster in the Mansion, Ladybird and the Killer Whale People, and The Maiden & the Prince by Leda Zawacki
Klagen: A Horror, and Local Stations by Jon Lewis
Dream Grant by Sean Christensen
Second Chances by Matt Sundstrom
The Witness : A Ghost Story by Hob
Stun Nuts 8 by Chris Cilla
Baggy Wrinkles Vol. 1 by Lucy Bellwood
Expansion no. 2 by Malachi Ward
Pines no. 3 and 4, and Yoko Ono in "My Favorite Beetle" by Jason T. Miles
Danger Country no. 1 by Levon Jihanian
Ghost Attack no. 1 and Ghost Attack Alpha by Zack Soto
Reporter no. 1 by Dylan Williams
Tales of the Cat Killin Coat by Tim Root
Social Discipline Vol. 1, Phoboerotica, and Round Room Funnies
N.Y.D.I. no. 1 by Jesse Reklaw
Two Days Away from Staring at Birds from a Park Bench, Tales from Amazon no.1 and 2, Weeknight Casserole,and ForeverTron by Kelly Froh

splurt. . . slpurtle. . .splurt

Mowgli's Girlfriend

Front and back cover to VULTURE HECK. Back cover by the great Thomas Stemrich, I kinda wish I coulda printed it in its original construction paper form.

And here's some new stuff on the inside. give me 2 bux for it.

Jason T. Miles says this about Vulture Heck and Hino:
"this guy's stuff is sneaky." best review ever.
He also did a writeup of everything he got (so nice) at Stumptown at the Profanity Hill.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pray for Rat

This won't be done for Stumptown, but should be done soon afterward. I will have the HINO zine and an expanded version of Vulture Hex, called Vulture Heck. LOOK OUT.


HINO zine, 4 pgs., one buck or something. Not sure how many of these I'll make, but if you want one, you'll probably get one.

My favorite Hino books thus far:
As far as I can tell these two below haven't been translated to english, but I wish they would be.