Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I believe in you Cat-Warrior.

special insert thanx to korny j.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


colors by nenny.
for the birds.


One of my best friends Thomas Stemrich is making a music video, but he needs your help! Underneath his human skin, a hunger . . . NIGHTDRIVE.

Polar Sky's Night Drive Music Video Trailer from Thomas Stemrich on Vimeo.

GIVE HIM THE DOUGH. 10 days left.

the director.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Summer School/Jesus Love Torture

Da stuff from APE, I didn't get enuff stuff.
Punkin & Boo's Halloween Adventure by Matt Sundstrom (The Sunken Forest!)
Plant Food, Welcome in Peace, Space Spells by Jesse Tise (this was a great art zine!)
Shit Baby by Andrew Smith (Why haven't I read Sausage Hand?)
Happy World of Love No.1-5 by Jose Gabriel Angeles (GOREZONE!)
Crime World No.1 & 2 by David King (scribbly good and sad.)
Danger Country No. 2 by Levon Jihanian (the exciting series continues! Such good covers.)
Ego No. 3 by Dunja Jankovic (she's better than everyone!)
Taffy Colored Clouds, Coffee and Comics by Alex Chiu (the nicest, great words as well as art.)
Mundane Fortunes for the Next Billion Years and other stories by Yumi Sakugawa (we all love.)
Ghost Attack No. 4 by Zack Soto (I want that Soft Moth comic to be real!)
Expansion No. 3 by Malachi Ward and Matt Sheean (best issue yet!)

Favorite stuff? Jose Gabriel Angeles had like twenny and a half of these paintings for sale, for like 5 bux. Mark Harmon and Dean Cameron in Summer School? 2 bux.

Jin and Jam Pins!

Mike Dawson original art! 5 bux! I'm a cheapskate!


Thanks Willy! Willy Lives!

The table and Tino. Thanks Tino! I've got a finger in my eye.