Friday, June 24, 2011

Faque Cartunez

Faque Cartunez
A.K.A “Cartoons That Never Existed”
An art show of FAKE animation cells
Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 25th 6-9pm
Guapo Comics and Coffee
6350 Southeast Foster Road
Portland, OR 97206-3609
(503) 772-3638

“Forget about half-hour time slots and commercial breaks or product placement;
This is a parallel universe of infinite channels where your imagination is the limit. Welcome to fake cartoons; dreams that made you regret waking up are now real”
Featuring art by:
Elijah Brubaker, Chris Cilla, Gariet Cowin, Patrick Devine, Gabby Holden, John Isaacson, Amy Kuttab, Leda Zawacki, and many more!

That's my entry up there.

Pain ensues at the
Clown Farm when the
family finds out the
matriarch of the Clown
Farm is dying. They put
on one last show.

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  1. Plus Sean Christensen had this beast!


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