Friday, April 30, 2010

"I just got back from the Earth-Mother's pussy, and boy is my weiner shrimpy."

pictured above: "The Scout", "U.S.S. Origin", by Malachi Ward
"NOME", and "Pines" no. 1 & 2 by Jason T. Miles and assorted others
"Post Doc" by Hob
"Class of Skookvm High" published by Teenage Dinosaur and Alarming Press
"Fukt Bros", and "Ghost Attack" no. 1 & 2 by Zack Soto
"20,000 island", "Stun Nuts" no. 6 by Chris Cilla
"Hot Schlitzz" split mini by Chris Cilla and Tim Root
"Reflection" print by Bettina Mcentyre (plus i got some killer stickers from her too)
"The Cheapest S.O.B.'s" and a sweet Macho Man postcard by Kelly Froh
"Neely: Covers to Give You the Creeps" by Tom Neely
"Sugarcube" by Sam Gaskin
"Reporter: Little Black" by Dylan Williams
"Bluefuzz" by Jesse Reklaw
"Claptrap" no. 2 by Jeremi Onsmith
"Black Tea" no. 3 by Jason Martin

All good things from Portland's Stumptown Comics festival. Special thanks to Old Rob (old fat bob) and Jenn for letting us crash at their place, to Chris Cilla for being so nice, to Mike for hangin' hard, to Bettina for sitting next to me again, to Eli Bishop for not forgetting about me, and to Vanessa for being the best one. You're a rock 'n roll freak, I love you.
These are the good ones:

Bettina Mcentyre

Eli Bishop of Global Hobo

Malachi Ward

Chris Cilla and Tim Root


  1. Nice Patrick! I'm sorry I flaked on the anothology, but I'll submit for next time.

  2. Thanks Lonnie, no problems with the flaking, I am excellent at flaking too! Until next time . . .

  3. Hey Patrick,

    Are you still interested in trading comics? I'd love to get a copy of your Ratnest book. I'd be happy to send you a copy of my book Moral Geometry. Drop me an email with your addy. My email is:
    Take care,


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