Monday, May 25, 2009


Welcome back to the swamp, sleaze-bags,

“Bogwitch 2” is finally here and now you sweet so-and-so’s can purchase it direct from editor Patrick Keck. The second issue of this trash-art anthology is bigger and gooier than the last, packed full of heartache, heartbreak, sad monsters, and weirdly personal tales of fetish and insecurity. With seven fucked fables by the likes of Patrick Keck, Will Iversen, and Thomas Stemrich, “Bogwitch 2” invites you to the birth of a bogwitch, a day at work with plenty of the red stuff, a ghoulish cult gathering of some robed rabble-rousers, a walk down the train tracks with a haunted young sleepwalker, a sex party with some very spicy guests, and a place where boners take you on a journey to Hell. Then there’s a story called “Fuck A Dog.”
And because Patrick Keck loves you and wants so badly for you to love him back, he’s even throwing in a copy of “Get Undressed,” his even more weirdly personal yarn about a man-boy’s transmogrifying sexual angst. Written and illustrated in only 24 hours, this amazing achievement in madness comes off like the comic version of Ol’ Dirt Dog’s “Return To The 36 Chambers,” or the raving pages of a Burroughs binge –plus heart, minus pretense.
I can’t say it enough, marsh-moppets, you want this book. I ain’t tryin’ to hypnotize you or some shit, I’m just really concerned about the state of your library. So click “Add to Cart,” read “Bogwitch 2,” and prepare to have your QOL bumped up to Vienna.

Dracula Sauce
p.s. they'll be new art up on the blog soon, the place I'm staying at now won't have an internet connection until the 5th of June, then I will be regularly posting again.
(above image by Neal Samples,

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